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Anger is an emotion which occurs when a person does not like what has or likely to happen.
This may or may not lead to aggression which defined as hostile act. Anger is a normal emotion which is harmful when it becomes uncontrollable and may lead to manifestations which may be dangerous to self and others.
Problems arising from sudden anger include physical problems like rise in blood pressure which may lead to stroke and myocardial infarction especially in elderly.
There may be many causes of aggression
1.      Learned behavior
2.      Frustration
3.      Provocation
4.      Media depiction of violence
5.      Air pollution
6.      Crowding
7.      Biological factors like hormonal imbalances
8.      Genetic factors
9.      Mental disorders like mental retardation, conduct disorder, psychosis, mood disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, adjustment disorder, personality disorder.
10.  Type A personality.

Anger management

Anger management includes identifying the cause of aggression and treating the cause if possible.
There are two types of management-
1.      Psychological
2.      Pharmacological ie medicinal
Psychological management includes
A.      Punishment
B.      Catharsis meaning outlet of person un-channelized energy which takes form of aggression into other forms of physical activity.
  Punishment is sometimes an effective deterrent to aggression. Aggression might reduce with punishment but not always.
   It has been seen that participation in strenuous activities like running, weightlifting reduces aggression by       channelizing energy into that activity. This technique might be useful to many.

    Pharmacological management includes
     A.    Lithium
     B.      Anti-psychotic medication
     C.      Anti-convulsants
     D.     Anti-androgenic agents
     E.      Beta blockers
     F.       Electro convulsive therapy

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