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  Every parent teacher and guardian wants their child to excel in studies and have a bright academic career ahead. To realize this dream they try to provide their ward with best facilities and environment so that they can get the best out of their child and thus lead them to a bright future. Starting from best schools to extra time to best resources, whatever may be required is fulfilled for the child.
Then, why it is so that certain children excel and other fare poorly on academic fronts. There may be a plethora of reasons for your child to fare poorly on scholastic front. Every worried parent has a right to find the reason for the child’s dismal performance so that they may correct the cause of this problem if possible and guarantee a bright career for their offspring. In the following blog I am going to discuss certain causes of poor academic performance and their remedies if possible.  

     1.      Academic performance may be not be actually poor but may be perceived by parents as poor. This happens when the parent’s expectations are very high. All of us should know that not every child is genius. The real meaning of poor academic performance is academic performance far less than average for that age. Reassurance is best remedy for the parents otherwise they will unnecessary wait their energy and resources. A proper psychological counseling will be of immense help.

     2.      Academic performance may actually be poor. How to come to conclusion that the academic performance is poor? Visible below par academic performance to a neutral person who is neither a parent nor teacher can decide this. 

Causes of true poor academic performance

        1.      Social

        2.      Family related

        3.      Medical

        4.      Psychiatric

        5.      Environmental

-Social causes of poor academic performance include bulling at school, over comparison with toppers, neglect of child in peers. This leads to inferiority complex and an impact on school grades. The guardian should look into this matter and arrange for proper solution in discussion with school authorities and teachers

- Causes of poor scholastic performance originating in family include neglect from parents, abuses, fights between parents and non-cordial atmosphere in family. These reasons can be behind the child below par performance in school.

-medical causes include malnutrition, chronic diseases like asthma, cancer, congenital heart defects. Proper medical treatment and regular medical check-up is the only solution to these problems being identified and treated to rise in academic performance.

-psychiatric problems like autism mental retardation and dyslexia may lead to poor academic performance. There are special ways to get maximum out of children with these problems. For details you must consult your psychiatrist. Other psychiatric problems like depression, OCD and schizophrenia should be identified and treated to make your child perform better.

-environmental problems include crowded house and schools noise, air or water pollution. Changing child’s environment also helps.

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